CARES Tournament

4th Annual CARES Tournament

Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Cal-Mum Alumni Remembrance Educational Scholarship was created after the tragic automobile accident on July 16, 2013 that took the lives of CM Alumni Taylor Binnert, Chris Peterson, and Emily Peterson.  This scholarship remembers in a positive way, all Caledonia-Mumford alumni who have tragically lost their lives, by helping to support a graduating senior and their future plans.  

The purpose of the event is to raise money for the scholarship, with all proceeds going directly to the scholarship fund.  Anyone is welcome to form a team and participate.  The tournament consists of a slow-pitch format to create a fun environment for all. Complete rules and details about the event can be found below.

Round Robin Schedule: 

Time Field Visiting Team Home Team
4:00 PM CS Barber Big Ballers JCI Tents
4:00 PM Pizza Land Waynesboro YMCA Hack Daniels
4:00 PM Batavia Muckdogs Hot Job Cops & Marble Boys OWL Squad
4:00 PM K2 Photography Hank Squad The Bench Warmers
4:30 PM CS Barber Cal-Mum Redsox Baldeck Rules
4:30 PM Pizza Land Bronx Bombers Boomstick
4:30 PM Batavia Muckdogs OWL Squad Waynesboro YMCA
4:30 PM K2 Photography JCI Tents Hot Job Cops & Marble Boys
5:00 PM CS Barber Hack Daniels Big Ballers
5:00 PM Pizza Land Boomstick Cal-Mum Redsox
5:00 PM Batavia Muckdogs The Bench Warmers Bronx Bombers
5:00 PM K2 Photography Baldeck Rules Hank Squad
5:30 PM CS Barber Hot Job Cops & Marble Boys Hack Daniels
5:30 PM Pizza Land OWL Squad Big Ballers
5:30 PM Batavia Muckdogs Waynesboro YMCA JCI Tents
5:30 PM K2 Photography Bronx Bombers Baldeck Rules
6:00 PM CS Barber Boomstick Hank Squad
6:00 PM Pizza Land Cal-Mum Redsox The Bench Warmers

Tournament Schedule: 
Time Field Visiting Team Home Team
6:30 PM CS Barber TBD TBD
6:30 PM Pizza Land TBD TBD
6:30 PM Batavia Muckdogs TBD TBD
6:30 PM K2 Photography TBD TBD
7:00 PM CS Barber TBD TBD
7:00 PM Pizza Land TBD TBD
7:30 PM CS Barber TBD TBD

Event Information: 

4th Annual CARES Tournament

Saturday, July 8, 2017

J W Jones Hall 

366 Leicester Road, Caledonia, NY

$10 player entry fee



Live Music from Bob's Brother's Band

Raffles and free prizes from local businesses

Food and Drinks!

Fun competition!


4 or 5 players per team

Round-robin format to determine seeding

Each team guaranteed at least 3 games

Top 8 teams advance to a single elimination tournament


Game Regulations:

3 inning games

3 outs per inning

Slow-pitch only (Maximum pitch arc of 12 ft.)

4 players field (including pitcher)

There will be base-running

3 strikes = out (Fouled third strike into board = strike out)

No walks

No bunting

No stealing

No pegging

One base on over-throw


Original Wiffleball bat and ball

Strikeboard will determine balls/strikes