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18-Hour Marathon

The 2005 Team
(from left to right, Cody Hammond, Ryan Callan, Regis Pollard, Mike Anderson, Kevin Keenan, Jordan Shelton, Chris Voos, Eli Beard)

    In 1977 a group of young men were on a mission to set the record for most consecutive hours of playing wiffleball.  The group of 8 held a wiffleball marathon and played for 17 hours straight!  The record stood for almost 30 years, until in 2005 another generation of wiffleball players emerged in Caledonia. 

    Organized by Kevin Keenan, a son of one of the members from the '77 team, this new group attempted to break the record on Memorial Day in 2005.  Not only did the players beat the record that day, playing for 18 hours straight, in the process the teams were able to raise $300 for a local emergency medical service.  The Caledonia record still stands today and almost all the players can be seen playing wiffleball regularly in the Washburn Wiffleball League.