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SWBL Regional Provides Extra Gif(t)s of Entertainment

posted Jul 13, 2015, 9:10 PM by Washburn Wiffle   [ updated Jul 13, 2015, 9:16 PM ]
The SWBL Regional proved to be a large success, as the WWL Warriors, PWL Nationals, SWBL Cardinals, and MWLWI Mequonderers will all be moving ahead to the National Tournament this weekend in Columbus, Ohio.  For those who didn’t attend the Regional, maybe you caught some of the games live on Periscope or have watched them on Youtube.  If you did, you may have noticed something unusual.  The ball boy(s) never showed up.  With the ball attendants MIA, the guys from the SWBL filled in.  And we were glad they did.

It started with some little kicks.

Then you had the volleyball serve.

Did someone say Kobe?


Then how about this second shot?

Amazing. #overtherainbow

Then came the field goal.

I bet you're wondering if someone is catching all these on the other side?

The answer is yes.

Beverage in one hand?

No problem. He has two.

And look at the range!

Was that Gus Skibbe or Adam Vinatieri?

Were there times that it didn't work?

Of course.

But then you see the level of commitment from Sam Skibbe...

...and you realize everything is right in the world.

You could sense the disappointment if a batter helped them out...

Because they were just out there having fun.

And compared to last year? This kid scoops up three at once...

...but then you begin to ask yourself why are there three wiffleballs there to begin with?

And then this.

I'm no rocket scientist, but I'm pretty sure that was slow. And not fun.

So thanks to the SWBL for hosting...

and for providing the extra Gif(t)s of entertainment.