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NWLA Tournament Las Vegas Odds

posted Jul 16, 2015, 11:54 AM by Washburn Wiffle   [ updated Jul 16, 2015, 12:59 PM ]

While many other articles and podcasts have been published about where each team will finish in the National Tournament, we thought we’d focus on something a little more behind the scenes.  We here at Washburn Wiffleball League believe if you are going to make a prediction you should put your money where your mouth is.  So we made those important calls to Vegas, and we told them about our incredible wiffleball betting lines idea - and they shut us down.  So you’re going to have to find your own sports bookie to place these bets, but here are some of the opening odds for this weekend.

These events are probably going to happen, and you won’t make a lot of money if they do:



Stephen Farkas records a win

10 to 9

It rains sometime this weekend

9 to 7

Erik Ganeles* (H8R) offends someone

8 to 5

Derek Linderman stays undefeated in ASG contests

5 to 3

HRL steals something

2 to 1

Jeremy Ratajczyk is late

3 to 1

Carl Coffee asks someone if they hate him

4 to 1

*Thanks Carl Coffee for the correction

These things are less likely to happen, and you could make a return if you’re correct:



SWBL stays off Periscope

10 to 1

Announcer correctly announces Jack Shannon and Jim Shannon every time

12 to 1

Spencer Bogad asks for Regis Pollard’s autograph (SWBL podcast)

13 to 1

Alex Shore challenges Bogad for biggest WWL man crush (with Jordan Shelton)

15 to 1

Find someone who listened to all 3+ hours of WSEM podcast

16 to 1

Chris Gallaway announces late run for POTUS

25 to 1


The following events are unexpected, but some we hope happen:



Trent Steffes hits an ump again

28 to 1

The same ump manages to blow a call worse than this

29 to 1

HVWBL beats OCWA again

35 to 1

One of the many bankers from the KWL takes out a loan to invest in these bets

40 to 1

Spencer Bogad pitches another no-hitter

55 to 1

Chris Hess pitches an inning

60 to 1

Bob Loftus wins ASG MVP

65 to 1

Alex Shore and Justin Tompkins duel

80 to 1


These are the underdogs and the type of bets that could have you walking away a millionaire:



BWBLPA Super Heros I T win it all

2,000 to 1

BWACS adds another letter to their acronym

3,000 to 1

BWACS wins the championship, immediately rubbing it in everyone’s face

3,100 to 1

Kevin Higman tops this incredible catch

5,000 to 1

Bill Reznak gets a haircut in Columbus, OH

10,000 to 1

Tim Stewart shows up (exists)

15,000 to 1

Mike Boyles picks up a girl on Tinder

50,000 to 1