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A Closer Look at the 2014 WWL Warriors

posted Jul 15, 2014, 8:36 AM by Washburn Wiffle   [ updated Jul 17, 2014, 7:39 AM ]
By: Jordan Shelton, WWL reporter

    The NWLA Tournament hosts some of the best wiffleball talent from across the states and it is almost time for the WWL to return.  The team had to sit a year out due to an unexpected tragedy which led to the team losing some close friends, but the Warriors are back and hungrier than ever.

    The WWL Warriors had a pretty successful first tournament back in 2012.  They finished second in the tournament in batting average at .307.  This year’s team is returning four of the six players who made the trip in 2012, as well as adding an additional two players to make a total of 8 roster spots. 


Regis Pollard will be appearing in his second national tournament.  In 2012, he led the tournament in batting with an impressive .536 average. He also had success on the mound as he posted a 2-0 record with a 4.39 ERA, and striking out 24 of the 65 batters he faced.     This year in the WWL he is having another great year as he is batting .662 with 9 HR and 48 RBIs.  He proves to be the best pitcher in the league with a 1.86 ERA and 75 Ks.  Regis is the captain of the squad and he has big expectations this year with this new group making the trip.  Regis will also represent the WWL in the Home Run Derby.


Jordan Shelton will be making his second appearance in the national tournament.  In 2012, he started off in a slump striking out his first 4 at bats, but still managed to end the tournament batting .313.  For the WWL, Shelton is batting a career low .513, but still manages to be in the top three in RBIs (48) and HRs (9). 

Sean Ancker returns to Ohio after having a successful tournament from the plate and mound in 2012.  He was the only pitcher in 2012 to post a no-hitter vs the eventual champions, OCWA Freaky Franchise.  He ended that game with 12 Ks.  Overall, Ancker proves to be a threat from the mound and the plate as he hit .300 nationally.  For the WWL, Ancker is batting .515 with 2 HRs and 17 RBIs.  Ancker will serve as a relief pitcher this year for 2014.

Mike Anderson is the last player who will be returning to Ohio from 2012.  From the plate, he managed to hit .232 but he has high expectations this year because he is having a breakout year for the WWL.  Anderson leads the league in AVG (.727), RBI (51), and is third in the league in HR (8).  He has improved on his pitching since 2012.  Nationally, he posted a 0-1 record as he recorded 7 strikeouts however he has proven himself to be a dominant pitcher in the WWL.  This year in 28.2 innings, he has 64 strikeouts and a 5-2 record.  Mike will represent the WWL in the All-Star Game as he was selected to play for the Gold All Stars.

Cody Hammond is the first newcomer to make the trip to Ohio in 2014.  The third member of the Oatka Quackers: “Quack Attack”, he is batting .433 with 5 HRs and 33 RBIs.  Early on in the season he was struggling from the mound, but it appears he has found his groove.  He held his opponents to a combined total of 7 runs and 27 Ks in his last two appearances at the mound, 14 of those against the #2 nationally ranked Hamilton Heat.

Eli Beard is another newcomer to the Warriors.  This is his fourth year in the league as he plays alongside with Ancker and Anderson.  In the league, he is hitting .494 with 7 HRs, 39 RBIs, and also has the second most doubles with 6. He has the ability to throw strikes and will be called upon in relief for the tournament if anyone gets in trouble.

Adam Pratt is a member of the Mumford Suns and will provide a spark to this year’s WWL Warriors.  This is his second year in the WWL as he is coming off his Rookie of the Year award last season.  He is the ace of the Suns as he has a 3-0 record with 44 Ks.  He is most known for his pitching, but don’t underestimate what he can bring to the table from the plate.  He has a .500 AVG with 5 HRs and 35 RBIs.  Pratt will serve as the teams closer and will certainly take other teams in the NWLA Tournament by surprise.


John LaFarnara is the final new member to make the trip to Ohio.  He is the first member from the Tenant Terrapins to be selected to the team.  In his first season, LaFarnara is the heart and soul of the 0-12 Terrapins.  He posted a .412 average with 4 HRs and 17 RBIs. He has a repertoire of pitches from the hill and has a total of 24 Ks on the season.  Even though he was placed on a struggling team, don’t miscalculate his skills.  He will be called upon in relief for the team.



    The Warriors are a little bitter from 2012, as they believe they could have had a better finish than fourth.  They are eager from having to take a year off and this new, revamped group is undoubtedly better than the team put together in previous years.  Watch out for them and we can’t wait to see you in Ohio!