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Swan Turns a Trade to the Suns

posted Dec 21, 2013, 7:11 PM by Washburn Wiffle   [ updated Dec 21, 2013, 7:34 PM ]
Josh Swan this afternoon handing in his contract with the Hamilton Heat.

Earlier today Josh Swan re-signed to a one-year deal with the Hamilton Heat confidently stating, "We will go undefeated this year."  Now it is being reported that Swan has abandoned the team and traded himself to the Mumford Suns. 

Late this evening Swan posted the following tweet expressing his most recent decision:

We contacted Commissioner Regis Pollard to confirm the tweet and trade rumors.  "I did receive a call from Swan tonight and he expressed his decision to be traded," stated Pollard.  "The league has not officially processed any paperwork, but I can confirm his decision to become a member of the Mumford Suns."

When questioned about Swan's choice to be traded just hours after committing to the Heat, the Commissioner had a simple response, "I'm not surprised."  

If the paperwork goes through it will be the first trade in WWL history.  Swan will be joining manager JT Williams and Jake MacWilliams, both of whom signed contracts earlier today. 

Steve Gaffney is now next in line to take over as manager of the Hamilton Heat.