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Hamilton Heat Newest Addition to WWL

posted Nov 9, 2012, 12:32 PM by Washburn Wiffle   [ updated Nov 9, 2012, 12:59 PM ]
Today the Heat unveiled their new logo for the upcoming season.

The Hamilton Heat are the newest member of the Washburn Wiffleball League.  It was announced early today that the Heat will officially be part of the WWL in 2013 and take over the Donia Dozers spot in the East Ave. Division.  The name is fitting.  Similar to the Miami Heat, many players have been planning to take their talents to South Beach for quite some time.

Throughout last season, the Quacker's Josh Swan began talking with other players about the possibility of building an elite team.  By the end of the World Series the team was virtually complete and Swan began negotiating with players.  "The Hamilton Heat look to bring something new to the table with a dynamic rotation and a lot of power at the plate," commented Swan.  With their acquisitions thus far, they have done just that.

Pitching begins with two-time WWL All-star Jake Kocher.  Kocher will be the ace of staff and joins the team after two seasons with the Bombers   Steve Gaffney, an All-star in 2012 and the Silver Slugger award recipient, comes over from the Dozers.  He is a force both at the plate and on the mound, and will likely join the rotation behind Kocher.  Moving with Gaffney is former Dozer Jon Cappotelli, who will provide even more power to an already lethal lineup.  Another All-star, Cappotelli has 10 career home runs in just 11 games. Finally Swan will be the manager of the squad and will provide consistency at the plate.  A career .600 hitter, he can also pick up some innings as well.  Swan had 3 wins last season for the Quackers, on their way to winning the World Series title. 

The Heat have still yet to acquire their final player, but already have the traits of a very solid team.  "We are looking for a strong season and just trying to have a good time playing the game," said Swan.  Even though this team will have high expectations, it is still just about having fun.