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2012 WWL All-Stars

posted Jul 19, 2012, 7:07 AM by Washburn Wiffle   [ updated Nov 7, 2012, 1:42 PM ]

    Today the WWL announced the 2012 All-Star teams for the upcoming game on Tuesday, July 24 at Belcoda Park.  The teams feature the best players from each division and also many of the Home Run Derby participants.  Here are the 2012 WWL All-Stars:

2012 East Ave. All-Stars

Regis Pollard
Jordan Shelton
Steve Gaffney

Jon Cappotelli
Joe Cappotelli
Oatka Quackers Oatka Quackers Donia Dozers Donia Dozers Westside Whompers

Substitutions: Josh Swan, Ian Hall, Josh Neff

2012 Main St. All-Stars

Michael Hackett

Mike Anderson
Jake Kocher

Matt Heins
Chris Terborg

Washburn Workhorses Washburn Workhorses
Burnwash Bombers Burnwash Bombers Burnwash Bombers

Substitutions: Jake MacWilliams, Chris Peterson, and Trevor Swan

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