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WWL Adds Final Team

posted Jan 28, 2012, 7:48 AM by Washburn Wiffle   [ updated Jan 28, 2012, 7:48 AM ]

April 3, 2011 — The WWL finally has released some information regarding the last team. It looks like Eddie Whiteside, a Cal-Mum Soccer sensation, has stepped up to take the final manager role. He has 3 other solid recruits to add to his roster.

The first player to be added is Jon Cappotelli. Yes that’s right; Big Strong Jon Capp will be a part of the WWL. Alongside Capp is another 3 sport star by the name of Kyle Sickles. The final player is Jon Voos, who yet again is a multi-sport athlete.

Whiteside did his homework and has landed 3 versatile athletes for his team, in addition to his own talents. It will be interesting to see where Eddie will choose to play in the field though. Capp will most likely play on the left side of the infield, while being a nice lefty bat in the lineup. Sickles will provide the power for the team and will probably see time covering real estate in the outfield. Voos can also hit and can play the left side, but might be an option to play first considering his height.

Now that all 4 team-spots are filled, look for two more players to join the league to fill up empty roster spots. Whiteside will be busy coming up with a team name and a logo too. The WWL is really starting to take shape and before long it will be opening day.