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Matt Heins Interview

posted Jan 28, 2012, 7:43 AM by Washburn Wiffle   [ updated Jan 28, 2012, 7:44 AM ]

February 14, 2011
— This week Regis Pollard tunes in with speedster Matt Heins, signed up to play with Peterson’s squad for the 2011 season.

Regis Pollard: Good afternoon Matt, thanks for sitting down with us. Let’s get right into this and get your thoughts when you first heard of a Wiffleball league?

Matt Heins: My first thought was that this was a definite possibility and a good opportunity to get together with some friends, or people I haven't seen in awhile. I had been looking for an activity to keep me busy during the summer months.

RP: Did you ever think you would be joining a sports league at this time in your life?

MH: To be honest I thought about joining a summer club, whether it was soccer or softball. I just happened to get tied up with work and was unable to manage everything at one time, so evidently the thought got pushed aside.

RP: Well sounds like the WWL is going to fit nicely in your schedule. Were you eager to sign with Chris's team?

MH: When I was asked to sign with Chris's team I was excited. He's a quality Wiffleball player and after I heard of the other members on our team, we have quite a bit of talent.

RP: You guys do look pretty good on paper. Now you have been around sports for a while now, so I gotta ask; what is your favorite sports moment?

MH: Favorite sports moment I would have to say is when I scored the game winning goal during my varsity soccer season. Senior night, against league rival Leroy, game was tied at 0-0 until the first 2 minutes of overtime. I couldn't have had a better feeling, having the game winner on my last game at Hamilton field under the lights.

RP: The great Hamilton field, with a legendary history right up there with Yankee Stadium or Lambeau field. Speaking of Lambeau, you’re a big packers fan; you had to enjoy the Super bowl.

MH: I thought the Super bowl was a great game. Two great teams battling it out and my pack were due for a big win. They played big all year despite some serious injuries their line-up sustained. Hopefully there will be another season next year so I can see them go out to defend the title.

RP: Yes, we will see if they can get it done by the deadline. Now you are known for speed and are one of the faster guys in the WWL: You and Usian Bolt, who would win in a trip around the bases?

MH: I would have to give the win to Usain in any race. The guy has everything going on and he’s very focused on what he needs to accomplish.

RP: Spoken like a respectful opponent. To wrap things up, give me your expectations for this upcoming season?

MH: As always expectations are very high. We have a lot of good talent on our team which is very exciting. I just can’t wait to get out onto the field and develop team chemistry with the other guys.

RP: Talking the truth, the very likeable Matt Heins. Thanks for your time and good luck this season.

MH: Thank you, and thanks for having me.