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Kevin Keenan Interview

posted Jan 28, 2012, 7:41 AM by Washburn Wiffle   [ updated Jan 28, 2012, 7:41 AM ]

February 9, 2011 — This week Regis Pollard collides with colleague and teammate Kevin Keenan, of the Oatka Quackers.

Regis Pollard: Good morning Kevin, thanks for sitting down with us.

Kevin Keenan: O it is my pleasure, but I may warn you with me being here expect the paparazzi to be all over; Just a heads up.

RP: Your too kind. So, what are your thoughts about a Wiffleball league in Caledonia?

KK: I think it’s great to bring a Wiffleball league to Caledonia; we need something to put it on the map. Maybe we will get sewers someday.

RP: How did you come about being signed by the Quackers?

KK: Well, I really like to eat crackers and I got confused and ended up signing up for the Quackers, but hey I’ll go with it.

RP: Now as I understand you have been around this game a while now so if you had to name one, what is your favorite Wiffleball memory?

KK: Favorite Wiffleball memory would be the 18 hour game, and when I ran into a guide wire but still made the catch.

RP: Ah, yes a top play nominee. Did you ever envision playing Wiffleball this late in your career?

KK: I did not imagine playing Wiffleball this late in my career; I thought I was out in the pasture to retire. I gotta say I feel like Brett Favre.

RP: Hopefully minus the texting. What are your thoughts on the Commissioner so far?

KK: Commissioner Pollard leaves no stone unturned, he is all or nothing: and for this project he is definitely all. He’s hot when I’m cold, he’s on when I’m off, I’m wrong when he’s right…

RP: [Laughs] You’re starting to sound like Katy Perry. Now this is the first season for the WWL, what are your expectations for this upcoming season?

KK: My expectations are to be because I am...you figure it out. Well, because some things are and some things are not, and things that are not can’t be because then nothing wouldn’t be, you can’t have nothing isn’t. Everything is an is.

RP: Truly spectacular. Thanks for your time Kevin and good luck this season.

KK: I am who I am because I think, therefore I am. Thanks for having me.